Ethiopia Info - Travelling Around Ethiopia

Many roads in Ethiopia are in a bad condition and getting between destinations in this huge country can take a long time overland.

As such, many tourists opt to fly around the country instead.

Using Ethiopia Airlines’ domestic services to hop between destinations quickly and safely is a great idea.

Do check timetables however, as not all domestic flight routes operate every day and this can hugely influence your itinerary and plans.

If catching domestic flights, ensure you allow plenty of time once you get to the airport.

There’s rigorous security at all Ethiopian airports and you’ll have to go through security first to enter the building and then to enter the gate.

If you don’t want to fly around the country, then there are some coaches companies that operate in Ethiopia. Sky Bus and Selam Bus are the 2 biggest.

Bus tickets need to be bought in person at the nearest office. It’s a good idea to do this at least 1 day before.

On smaller distances, minivans, tuk-tuks and taxis are all used to get around Ethiopia.